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How to find the right auto parts

How to find the right auto parts


If you need to purchase auto parts for your car, you can save time for shopping and to do it right on our site. Whatever goods went up and met the requirements of your car you need to know the code ( auto part number) of the corresponding parts. If you know the code, you can easily find a suitable product by entering the code into the search box and click the SEARCH button. But what if the code you do not know? In this case, the selection of spare parts can be done in three ways:
1) Find the appropriate code in special items of original catalog are used by manufacturers. These directories are adapted for the Internet.

2) The possibility to search for parts by number of body - VIN. To do this, you must enter data in the appropriate section of our website (with an order on this form, we take full responsibility for the conformity of the goods).

3) to search for non-original parts, using our online catalog TecDoc (not under the original refers to parts made by other, alternative, producers)
REMEMBER! If you carry out the selection of a particular parts on their own, without the help of our experts - you are solely responsible for the goods purchased! If self-chosen replacement part will not work - no return goods!
Consider each of the ways to search and buy spare parts on our website.

Original catalog

Specifically for the convenience of our customers, we have placed the original directory on our portal. You need to open the directory by pressing the button. Make a choice automaker and model of the car, and then choose the necessary parts. Please note that the selection is made based on the vehicle model year, engine size and configuration!

Search auto part by VIN number

This method of selection of goods, you need to go to the appropriate section of the portal and fill in a form for the selection of goods. For qualitative selection, please fill in as accurately as possible in the form below. In a very short time, our experts will offer you the necessary detail, and you will receive a notification to your email. In the letter you will find a complete description of the goods, as well as get acquainted with all proposals, using the special link. This method is optimal for the buyer, because we ourselves select for your product, and then - bear full responsibility for it.

Our experts select the original goods. If you have converted the car - the goods can not correctly!


As in the first case, you need to go to the relevant section by clicking on the selection of goods from the catalog TecDoc. In the form select the manufacturer and model of the car.
Here is a small example. If you need an oil filter - go to the section filters, and there choose "oil filter". You will discover information about available products that fit to your car. Using this method is convenient for the fact that in addition to spare parts offered by alternative manufacturers, you can find the original code of your parts. This section is available to obtain extensive information about the product, it is enough to click on the name of the desired spare part. But we should remember that the directory is not original, it may be malfunctioning. When choosing a product with it, the entire responsibility lies with the buyer!