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VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or chassis number (body, frame) - is always 17-character indication mark.
VIN listed in your car passport. 
If you don't know the original code of a spare part - please, complete this form. Specify what parts exactly you are interesting in. Send "VIN inquiry" to our technicians. Your inquiry will be processed during working hours (9:00 - 18:00). 
Inquiry processing finish after a notice will be send to you via e-mail. After that you'll be able to put parts to your basket.

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Why the phone number and e-mail is necessary for? - You could get sms or e-mail login/password with and then our staff could connect with You. If You didn't got sms cause of some reason - call to our office and inform Your phone number for to get Your login and password to have access to website. System automaticly create a new account for each new body number (VIN) enquiry. IF You have already an account - You should enter Your login and password first and then to do VIN enquiry.
What is the VIN? VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) - the chassis number (car body, car frame), it's always 17-digit. VIN indicated Your car registration certificate in. Bellow You can see an example of VIN, which is indicated car registration certificate in:

In case You'll enter VIN short or to do mistake - You'll get refusal.

How should You describe correctly the spare parts You need. - Describe in details enquired spare parts. Enter each new spare part name (description) in new line.
Wrong: shock absorber.
That's right: front right shock absorber.

After the order processing is finished - You'll get report by sms or e-mail. You can see it after enter Your login and password (complete Your profile). Then You should review spare parts codes which manager has selected. Choose acceptable for You: price level, terms of delivery, supplier. The spare parts You have chosen necessary to put in to Your basket. Order will generated from spare parts which are in basket already, You should to do prepayment for them - just in this case Your oder will be executed and be delivered in time indicated in price list