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The cost of normal delivery is formed from the base cost of a parcel (from 9.99 USD) and shipping weight of each parts (see Parts Catalog online column delivery price ) and the final will be determined later, after picking and packing your order.

For the preliminary calculation of the indicative cost of delivery order, use this data

Code / Make Part name Term / days Price On stock/delivery price Q-ty/weight  

. RELAY, Mini Power Heated Mirror Engine: ENJ  other languages - - on stock: no data delivery cost normal from 9.99 USD +
estimated value for normal type of delivery
Up to 2 kg:
parcel weight from 0 to 250g   -   9.99$
parcel weight from 250 to 500g   -   14,99$
parcel weight from 500 to 1000g   -   19.99$
parcel weight from 1000g to 2000g   -   34.99$.
From 2 to 20 kg: 0 - 0$
Itself parcel cost: 0.00$
and each kg inside: 0.00$

Weight: 0  
Volumetric Weight: 0.00
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Car patrs warehouse AutoPartMaster, offers to buy auto parts 04707900AA . RELAY, Mini Power Heated Mirror from CHRYSLER. The cost 0$ from the global auto store. Delivery time from 17  to 20 days.