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                             About AutoPartMaster

 About AutoPartMaster
 We provide to our customers the opportunity to order spare parts from a wide range (over 27  million), from the majority of the world's producers for the best prices. Every customer can easily  find and place  order for spare parts necessary    for him on our web site.
 The company started operation in the market for auto parts in 2007.
 The founders of the company, was set and put the same main objective:
 To provide for customers the opportunity to order spare parts directly from the warehouses of  suppliers and dealerships around all the world.
 Today AutoPartMaster - this is one of the leading companies in the field of "on-line" sales of auto  parts, has eight years of experience in the market.

As in stage of its development, and today, for its customers, the company provides accommodation through our online auto parts store («on line») orders for spare parts directly from the suppliers from UAE America, Korea, Japan and Europe.
The company offers to customers makes it possible to select the optimal conditions for placing orders (delivery time and the magnitude of the cost of spare parts) for personal needs and capabilities of the client.
"The department of customer support" and "Technical Department"  provide  with full information and technical support at all stages of the order from supplier stock and shipping for our customers.