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General information


Dear suppliers of original and non-original spare parts!
PartMaster invites you to cooperation. With great attention we will consider all your suggestions.
We offer our customers an extensive on-line directories to search for and the possibility of placing orders for parts directly from suppliers of these parts, fully computerized order entry and processing: from receiving the customer's order and placed it at the supplier, before it is sent to the client - exclude the possibility of error.
Our clients are people from different countries around the world. Warehouses suppliers, on which our customers order spare parts are located in Europe, America, Korea, Middle East, Japan.
Opportunities logistics company, which cooperates PartMaster, to rapidly deliver customer orders from auto parts supplier's warehouse to our office (Germany). A "Deutsche Post" provides the ability to send parts to our customers, anywhere in the globe.
Invite you to become our supplier in the country.
Preference is given to those suppliers who can provide:
The range of original and non-original spare parts (at least 500 items)
Continuous information about the range of stock and fund products in stock
Short delivery of goods, and in the case of an order with a long delivery from other countries and regions, information on the status of an order at every stage
Suitable modalities of cooperation (form of payment, payment terms, terms of delivery)
In turn, we will provide you with:
Simplified loading system of price-lists on the site (provided that the price list was issued in the prescribed form), which determines the early start of sales of your items.
Automatic placement of your order, if a customer orders the item from your warehouse.
Operational decision by our managers of all issues related to the placement of orders by our customers on auto parts from your store.
We welcome cooperation with suppliers of spare parts and accessories.
We are interested in working with new suppliers, and consider everything submitted proposals. Write a letter to sales@autopartmaster.com and staff PartMaster will contact you as soon as possible.