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1. “Is the following spare part available at stock?”

All spare parts submitted in price online are available for ordering.
Stock availability change daily, so even we confirm spare part availability at the moment we get Your inquiry, the part can be not available already at the moment when You do payment and Your order start processing. But the spare part can be available again in several days after and we’ll purchase it. In this case terms You can see in price on-line consider it.

2. "Methods of Payment and Refund?"

All possible methods of payment you can see on the page "account refill" Recommendations for payment:

Recommendations for payment:
a. If you are a retail customer, pay by credit card. Because, in case of refund money it is free of charge.
b. If you are a wholesale buyer, you can use any mode, but for a wire transfer (SWIFT BIC, IBAN) is less bank charges.
c. If you are a payer of VAT in the EU, shipment of your ordered parts will be made without VAT.. Instructions for completing the data..  

3. " Can you send spare parts to my country?"

We can send part anywhere in the world. Approximate value of the cost of delivery you can calculate yourself use the calculator.

4. " How much will cost of spare part with delivery costs to my country? "

Please look at the paragraph 3

In addition:

Take into account: Tax and shipping costs are not included in the cost of spare parts. To calculate the price you need to add spare parts price plus the tax (it is below the price) and use a calculator.

5. “Here is my car VIN and I need the following spare parts:…..”
In this case You’d use our “Request for VIN” service

a. If You do not know exactly original code (number) of spare part (s) You need
     You can indicate VIN, other require data of Your car and describe by owns words spare parts You need (specified all necessary data (description) for our staff for to understanding correctly what part You need). After that our staff will select in original catalog the spare part code (number) You need by Your car VIN. 
b. If You have original code(s) (number(s)) of spare part(s) but You’d like to check if it is correct
     You can indicate VIN, other require data of  Your car, indicate code(s) (number(s)) of spare part(s) You have and add comment that You’d like to check if it the following code(s) (number(s)) is(are) correct for Your car.
6. “I’ve done payment (by any of payment methods which are available at our web site) but they haven’t been added to my account yet.”
In this case, we ask You send e-mail to sales@autopartmaster.com
In Your letter You’d specified:
- Date of Your payment
- Sum, currency
- Your login at web site (or Your full name).
- Method of payment

7. “What is a term of delivery to my country?”
Terms of delivery to Your country consist of two parts:
a. Delivery from stock of original to our buffer stock in Germany - are indicated in Price on-line. Terms are approximated.
b. Delivery from our buffer stock in Germany to Your address – depends of delivery method You’ve choose when order: “Regular” or “Express”. Depends of that and geographic location of Your country it can be from 3 days to 2 months.
8.”If the part I’ve ordered original or not?”

- Depends of what indicated in column “Part Code/Make” of table of Your orders.


“Hyundai” – it means that the part is original Hyundai make.
“Mann” – it means that the part is not original but “Mann” make.